WoW Cooking Guide
WoW Cooking Guide

WoW Cooking Guide

So you’ve at long last come to Northrend. Gratz! We actually have a smidgen more to go to get you from 350 to 450 cooking expertise. As your Alliance Cooking Guide, I’ll show you what to cultivate for the fastest course to arriving at a 450 Cooking Skill.

In this guide you will be cultivating Rhino Meat and just Rhino Meat. The sum required is somewhere close to 120-140… perhaps more, perhaps less relying upon whether you’re fortunate at getting ability up focuses. The 2 recipes you will learn are Rhino Dogs and Hearty Rhino. Good Rhino should be bought with Dalaran Cooking Awards that you get from doing the Dalaran Cooking Daily. You will actually want to learn Hearty Rhino at cooking level 400. There are a few significant reasons we are cultivating Rhino Meat:

1. It’s quick and simple

2. Least expensive elements for evening out

3. Rhino Dogs are utilized in Cooking Daily

4. Good Rhino sells genuinely well in AH (50g a stack on my server)

5. Rhino Dogs sell well as well (sell in heaps of 4)

Yet, where’s the best spot for cultivating Rhino Meat? Luckily, your Alliance Cooking Guide is aware of a region in the Borean Tundra where groups of 4-5 Rhinos assemble for relentless cultivating activity. The region is found North-West of Valiance Keep, and straightforwardly South of Amber Ridge. Your darling Alliance Cooking Guide lives on a low-pop waiter and plays at an hour when barely anybody is on the web, so I never experience difficulty cultivating Rhino Meat around here. Indeed, even on a high-pop PvP server, this is as yet THE BEST spot for cultivating Rhino Meat. AOE types, similar to my ice mage, can without much of a stretch get 2 stacks cultivating Rhino Meat around here in around 10 minutes.

In the event that you’re a skinner and think this is a decent spot to cultivate Borean Leather, don’t burn through your time. The drop rate is terribad and you will generally get Borean Leather Scraps. Your time will be better spent AND you’ll get more cash-flow cultivating Rhino Meat and stealing from merchant waste grays.

Discussing merchant waste. In the event that you’re the sort that specifically steals from things and passes or skirts on dark waste things, you are missing a good measure of gold. In the event that you have a great deal of pack space, I see not an obvious explanation for why you shouldn’t auto-plunder all that while cultivating Rhino Meat, particularly since there is a full scale that will robotize the most common way of selling your dim junk things.

Here is the large scale for vendoring dim junk The Average Cook  things between cultivating Rhino Meat. Simply ensure the merchant window is open before you attempt to sell anything or it will “prepare” any dark defensive layer or weapons. You might get yourself the beneficiary of scoffs assuming you make an appearance to assault like that… or on the other hand you could dazzle them… idk.

Seller MACRO:

/run for bag=0,4,1 accomplish for slot=1,GetContainerNumSlots(bag),1 do nearby name=GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot) in the event that name and string.find(name,”ff9d9d9d”) DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(“- Selling “ UseContainerItem(bag,slot) end end