Today’s Moon Sign Astro Chart
Today’s Moon Sign Astro Chart

Today’s Moon Sign Astro Chart

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself daydreaming about your favorite food or a romantic evening – Taurus loves their creature comforts. In essence, a Sagittarius Moon does not want to be cooped up at home.

When the Moon is in Scorpio

If we’re looking for clarity, we get a window into areas of our lives to which we cling too tightly, perhaps to our detriment. This may relate to fears of standing alone or disappointing people if we go our own way. Today’s Sun-Neptune quincunx adds a layer of uncertainty or indecision to our day. We might feel that people are draining our energy, especially if what they want from us is unclear. We can feel slightly off or out of sorts, and concentrating or figuring out our next step can be difficult. These things are more likely if we’ve neglected our spiritual needs, and it makes sense to slow down and adjust.

Your moon sign is one of the most important pieces of your astrological chart

This means that we always see the same face of the Moon and its opposite side is out of our field of view from Earth. Though some are doormats, most Pisces Moon people instinctively know when they’re due for a much-needed recharge. It’s at these times that they retreat from the world if only to gather strength to face everything and everyone again. Solitude is important to them, but they also need people, so their retreats will usually be short-lived. Pisces Moon individuals believe; and, let’s face it, the world needs Piscean leaps of faith.

Planetary Stats: Moon

If they can find a way to be creative, they can be extremely skilled at their craft and create some out of this world works of art. There’s so much more to astrology than just your sun sign, and your moon sign is definitely one to get familiar with if you’re learning more about your birth chart. This placement can tell us about our deepest needs, what feeds our souls, and even who we’re compatible with, so be sure not to leave it out of the equation. Your moon sign is where the moon was in the sky at the moment you were born. Read more about astrology moon meanings here. Its placement, along with the other planets in your chart, come together to make your complete birth chart, which is thought to speak to your life path, personality, and inclinations. If you were born with the moon in Scorpio or the 8th house, your emotions are complex and mysterious. The moon is in “fall” in this sign, which is said to be one of its most challenging placements in the zodiac.

They fall in love easily and value intimate, deep connections over vague, surface-level ones. They are really in tune with the energy of a room, and can often tell when others are feeling off. Their emotions live in this emotional balance, which as a water sign, can leave them feeling overwhelmed. They are incredibly emotionally secure, which means sometimes they don’t understand the rat race of insecurity they witness in other signs.