The Barriers to an Adult Diagnosis of Autism
The Barriers to an Adult Diagnosis of Autism

The Barriers to an Adult Diagnosis of Autism

But they might have difficulty communicating about other things. Most state and federal agencies are only starting to understand what it means to support autistic adults. For example, some autistic people do not have intellectual disabilities, but they do have severe anxiety. Others have impressive technical skills but must work with their sensory challenges.

Tips for navigating sexual relationships with autism

However, other researchers and advocates suggest that a broader conception of friendship could make room for different perspectives and experiences, rather than characterizing them as deficient. Autism is part of a cluster of conditions called autism spectrum disorders , or known by the broader term, pervasive developmental disorders .

Autism Symptoms

Many autistic children have Sensory Processing Disorder, a condition in which their senses may be hypersensitive, or hyposensitive. She also made friends through online gaming and a related Facebook group.

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Navigating social norms

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all children be screened for autism at their 18 and 24-month well-child checkup. If you’re not sure if your child has been screened, you can ask for a screening.

It was originally named in 1944 by Viennese psychologist Hans Asperger. But it wasn’t officially classified as its own disorder until 1994. Most of the time, your doctor will ask you about your life today.