Questions to Ask a Window Cleaner Before Hiring
Questions to Ask a Window Cleaner Before Hiring

Questions to Ask a Window Cleaner Before Hiring

Having insurance? What kind and quantity?


A crucial component of every corporate operation is insurance. Beware if the window cleaner you’re considering ducks this inquiry. In the majority of states, the property owner is accountable for any visitors. You might be held responsible for all costs if an uninsured or underinsured cleaner suffered an injury while working on your property. You can hire window cleaners Perth for the safe and secure cleaning of home windows.


Do you provide any assurances?


Any reputable company, including window washers, stands behind the quality of their work. Before they leave with your money in hand, you might not have enough time to inspect the entire property. What if you discover a cracked screen a few days later or discover a small window that was overlooked? Knowing when a service provider provides a satisfaction guarantee is helpful.


Are you even a legitimate company? How long has your company been around?


In all honesty, anyone named John Doe can “clean” a window with a bucket and a few rags. However, very few people are truly able to run a window cleaning company. These shady cleaners frequently demand payment in cash or, at the absolute least, request that your check be made out to them personally rather than to their firm. This is typically a hint that the person in question is “working under the table” and that their company is probably not legitimate. In some regions of the nation, licences or certifications are necessary. To confirm a business entity, check with your state’s business filing agency or business licencing department.


On the day the service is provided, who will be washing my windows?


Although the solution may seem clear, many businesses “sub out” labour to other contractors. This could imply that the cleaner or business you initially contact may not be the ones doing the service. Accountability problems could make this a concern. You can get the runaround if there is a problem with your cleaning from several firms and people. Deal with a business that gives you a single point of contact that can handle any problems. The window cleaners Perth can handle any problems with experienced techniques.


Can you provide references?


Ask for references from any window cleaning company if you want to learn the truth (pardon the pun). A good business will have a lot of happy customers who are willing to brag about how well they cleaned their windows. If the possible cleaner you are considering is unable to provide references, this could be a red flag. Thus, ask beforehand!