Peter Stockwell’s The Horse Painters – Book Review
Peter Stockwell’s The Horse Painters – Book Review

Peter Stockwell’s The Horse Painters – Book Review

The Painter Of The Night is a picture book for children set during the last Ice Age. It begins with Umalik and Aariak, brother and sister, who create a vast cave with drawings of bison, deer, and other creatures on the walls. Aariak, a little girl with magical abilities, draws many of the illustrations because the animals she draws are lured to the cave, making them easier to hunt.

Another young man, Uirngut, arrives to their cave one night and cowardly kills the sister, stealing the magical powers in the process. He flees over the frigid wastelands, knowing that Umalik and his younger brother Aku aren’t going to let this go. Their semi-tame wolf joins them, eager to take part in the adventure; a shy creature, he appears to be, yet perhaps he is simply waiting for an opportunity to show what he is capable of.

So the scenario is set as they pursue the assailant through the snow and ice, hunting animals to eat in order to remain alive, and encountering other interesting personalities along the way.

You can virtually smell the aromas of drying animal hides and wood smoke, as well as passing herds of bison and mammoth; feel the extremely cold winds that blow across the region; and see the frozen breath flowing from the shivering characters and creatures who fill the book.

The story is split into two sections, with the second adding new people, and it all comes to a close when… ah… but I couldn’t really say more about that, could I?

Peter Stockwell, a Cambridgeshire-based author, has previously published The Market. The Horse Painter Of The Night is a new book intended at children aged 8 to 12, and we can imagine them loving these stories. We also liked the cover. A actual cave drawing from thousands of years ago is included in this piece.

The book is out now and available through all excellent book retailers using the ISBN: 978-1-60145-848-3, published by

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