Lamar Advertising Billboard, Digital, Transit and Airport Advertising
Lamar Advertising Billboard, Digital, Transit and Airport Advertising

Lamar Advertising Billboard, Digital, Transit and Airport Advertising

Physical billboards have some advantages over digital billboard advertising. For example, placement of physical billboard ads is widely available because the infrastructure has existed for several decades in the U.S. Additionally, printed advertisements are not subject to glitches and power outages, unlike digital billboards. Billboards are an unavoidable element of driving and can be an excellent form of outdoor advertising. Some businesses may doubt if billboard advertising is the best answer, but here are five main advantages of adopting eye-catching billboard advertisements.

But the cost of billboard advertising doesn’t stop with “renting” ad space. Read more about billboard advertising here. You must also consider the cost of designing the billboard as well as printing and construction.

To reach the highest number of viewers , keep your billboard design simple. After all, some people may be blowing by your billboard at 70 mph. Use big, bold fonts against contrasting background colors and avoid narrow, script fonts. Most billboard designs tell this story with imagery and maybe some text. Use your billboard to show the essence of an idea or campaign rather than describing it with text.

Make It Memorable (But Design Responsively)

People don’t have time to read long texts, so you need to focus on storytelling through visuals. The hugely popular singer released the single Stupid Love right before pandemic lockdowns began in the United States. To advertise it, we used a provocative photo of a pair of bright pink lips on a billboard on Sunset Boulevard, the iconic Los Angeles location. Fans loved the board so much, they climbed up to get photos with it.

How to Measure Effectiveness of Billboard Advertising?

Read on for some of our favourite creative billboard advertising campaigns. There are no simpler words to say it, but billboard advertising is still one of the most effective forms of advertising.

Often, you might have turned on the radio just to turn it off as soon as an advertisement comes on. But, unlike other forms of mass advertising, billboards can never be ignored, hidden, turned off, or thrown away. It is generally located in high-traffic areas such as along highways or near shopping malls to pique the attention of the highest number of drivers and pedestrians. With her fresh ideas and expert storytelling, she enjoys writing helpful articles for small business owners. Get more inspiration by checking out our list of creative ideas and billboard design tips. If your product is only relevant to a small percentage of the population, you’ll waste a lot of money on “unnecessary” billboard impressions.

Vegamour shared the LA and NYC billboard locations on its social media, too. Just like the cost of other forms of advertising, the cost of a billboard advertisement also varies. Find a unique way to make your billboard ad memorable with a strong message and a clever call-to-action that leaves people thinking.

In addition to considering how much a billboard ad will cost, you should familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of billboard advertising before committing to a board. In most cases, billboard advertising cost is referenced in cost per mille , or cost per thousand impressions.

Are you looking to attract new customers, promote your business, stand out from the competition, or reach local customers? Outdoor advertising costs less than radio advertising, TV advertising or print ads on a cost per impression basis and allows you reach the right audience at the right time. Capture new audiences and boost your sales with digital billboards that you control. On the other hand, being an audience for a billboard doesn’t require any preparations. Top Media says 71% of consumers often look at roadside billboards, thus proving billboard advertising’s effectiveness. Here at Penji, for instance, many of our clients ask us to create billboard designs that catch attention and make a mark.