How We Tested 9,000 Products for Our Best of Beauty Awards
How We Tested 9,000 Products for Our Best of Beauty Awards

How We Tested 9,000 Products for Our Best of Beauty Awards

Both of these are excellent beginner-friendly hosts that have great value deals for your first year of blogging. They also make it really easy to run WordPress, which is the blogging platform that I advise using for your beauty blog. To help distinguish your beauty blog from all the otherbeauty blogs out there, you need to get clear about your blogging niche. And formulas are front and center for Ciele, the makeup-SPF hybrid brand cofounded by makeup artist Nikki DeRoest and Cerre Francis, which launched with Sephora earlier this year.

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My step-by-step guide to starting a blog will walk you through this process super quickly. Your host gives your blog a space on the internet, so people can visit it at any time, from anywhere in the world.

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Read more about natural beauty here.

Josly, Abril and Elie portray today’s Miss Venezuela beauty pageants on a road in the city of Caracas. “We are seeing more brands using AR and VR with the aim of transforming the e-commerce experience and shifting their websites from being transactional platforms to experiential platforms,” says Ben-Shabat. Ulta Beauty’s GlamLab allows shoppers to virtually try on makeup, hair color, lashes and brows. Whenever possible, seek out products with fewer components and without parts or materials that can’t be recycled and unnecessary elements like outer boxes.

And many shoppers say they are more willing to bend traditional rules and accept certain risks when the price is right or an item is hard to find elsewhere. As resale platforms become more ubiquitous and secondhand products become more valuable, beauty graveyards just may become a thing of the past. Glou also encourages sellers to upload their original receipt and the item’s batch code as an extra way to authenticate their products. With a focal part of the wellness movement over the past few years being the gut – so coined our ‘second brain’ – in 2023 we can expect brain health itself to get more of the limelight. Considering our cognitive, sensory, social-emotional, behavioural and motor functions, more brands will be focusing on neuroscience in wellness to enhance our quality of life. This “ephemeral expression” is a trend cited in the The Future of Aesthetics guide produced by Allergan – leaders in the cosmetic injectables game.

Here, look out for innovation in personalised skin tech – one of the fastest growing sectors of the beauty industry – with the likes of Neutrogena adding to its line-up, which includes Skin360 and MaskiD. For example, Sephora launched “Clean at Sephora,” an initiative in which the beauty retailer badged over 2,000 products as “clean,” in this case meaning free of ingredients like sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, and mineral oil. The brands span skincare, makeup, hair, and fragrance, including Good Housekeeping Seal star Korres, plus Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab top-tested favorites Caudalie, Biossance, and Ren Clean Skincare. It’s the best time of year to give your beauty-loving friends a restock on their favorite products, or perhaps try out that new launch they’ve been eyeing, or splurge on a hi-tech device.

Disagreements may be explained by an inability to perceive this feature, sometimes referred to as a “lack of taste”. Subjectivism, on the other hand, denies the mind-independent existence of beauty. When applied to beauty, there is still a sense in which it depends on the object and its powers.

Elevate their entire skincare routine with this soothing product collection, complete with a cleansing balm, retinol serum, moisture cream and muslin cleansing cloth, for the ultimate refreshing ritual. Rather than potentially add to the mix of inconclusive, underpowered studies about whether the perception of beauty is localized to some specific brain area in their recent investigation, the Tsinghua University researchers opted to do a meta-analysis. They pooled data from many already published studies to see if a consistent result emerged. The team first combed the literature for all brain-imaging studies that investigated people’s neural responses to visual art and faces and that also asked them to report on whether what they saw was beautiful or not.

At the time, Fechner was immersed in the project of “outer psychophysics”—the search for mathematical relationships between stimuli and their resultant percepts. What both fascinated and eluded him, however, was the much more difficult pursuit of “inner psychophysics”—relating the states of the nervous system to the subjective experiences that accompany them. Despite his experiments with the golden ratio, Fechner continued to believe that beauty was, to a large degree, in the brain of the beholder. However gorgeous your beauty blog is and however interesting your posts are, you’ll still need to put in some work to promote your content. Share problem-solving tips for specific beauty or skincare issues, e.g. hydrating products for dry skin. You’ll need to check that your chosen name is available as a domain name. Most beauty bloggers use a .com domain suffix, though you could also choose a regional suffix if that makes sense—such as if you’re in the UK.

In a separate, future-looking report, Beauty Pie analysed millions of data points for hundreds of different trends to confirm that nostalgia will still play a big part in the hairstyle and make-up trends dominating 2023. From ‘Barbie beauty’ (influenced by the impending release of the Greta Gerwig-directed film) to ‘glam grunge’ inspired by the likes of Avril Lavigne’s ‘Y2K’ era. When it comes to hair and make-up looks, we will keep looking back when moving forwards, with nostalgia remaining rooted in the zeitgeist. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Seek out beauty brands that donate a portion of proceeds or make a contribution to environmental causes.