How to Choose the Best Type of Remote Control System?
How to Choose the Best Type of Remote Control System?

How to Choose the Best Type of Remote Control System?

A universal remote control is a remote control that can be programmed to control a wide variety of types of components. There are many different varieties of universal remote controls ranging from the basic, low price model that can be found at the local discount 433 mhz remote control store that is only able to control a set number of devices to the more advanced models that can allow you to control virtually any number of devices as well as set up preset activities or macros.

Some may wonder why you really need to buy another remote control when your current set of remotes can already control your components. The following reasons will show why a quality universal remote control is an essential part of your home theater system.

1. Reduce your home theater clutter – Today’s home theater systems are becoming more and more complex with multiple devices and more and more integration with things not previously connected to your home theater such as game consoles and lighting systems. The typical home theater will have at least four remote controls and often times many more to control all areas of the home theater. The vast majority of home theater owners (and maybe more importantly spouses of home theater owners) do not want their theaters cluttered with mismatched remotes of multiple shapes, sizes and colors. The ability to get one remote control to replace all of the others is an obvious benefit.

2. Ease of use – Do you feel like you need an electronics degree to operate your home theater? Over the years I was able to get pretty adept at the process of cycling through my available remotes to turn on the proper components to the proper settings, but my wife would struggle through all of the settings and my kids and visiting mother in-law, well you could forget about it. Today’s universal remote controls allow you to input what devices you have either through programming codes or through a computer program. Once you get through this initial setup your remote control then is able to work intuitively to control all of your components.

3. Programming activities or macros – To simplify things even one step further most of the mid range and up universal remotes will allow you to program activities or macros into the remote. This will allow your system to be set up at the touch of a button. For example on my remote I hit the Play a DVD button on the LCD screen and my TV comes on, gets set to the proper input and the DVD player turns on, the receiver turns on and gets set to the proper input, my bass shaker receiver turns on and my lights dim to proper viewing level, all at one touch of a button. This is not just an added simplification, but the backlit LCD screen and automation provide that little extra wow factor that helps set apart your home theater from others.

4. Tired of losing remotes – Having three small children, it seemed like a rare occasion when all of my remotes were in the correct location so that I didn’t have to search for them. I spent many a day checking behind recliner cushions, under the sofa, on the bookshelf in search of the last elusive remote. Now I only need to keep track of one remote.

5. Reduce battery usage – Whether you are concerned about the environment or simply wanting to save a few bucks on replacing batteries, a universal remote control will drastically cut down on the amount of batteries that you need to use.

I will admit that my frugal nature for years kept me struggling over whether I really needed to purchase another remote control when I already had six remote controls that were in perfect working order. Since I finally broke down and purchased my universal remote I have not regretted it for a single minute. It is one accessory that I now feel is an essential part of any home theater system.