Here Is The Best Way to Clean Laminate Floors Safely and Effectively
Here Is The Best Way to Clean Laminate Floors Safely and Effectively

Here Is The Best Way to Clean Laminate Floors Safely and Effectively

Laminate flooring was first invented by a company in Sweden in 1977 and then made available by the company name of Pergo. A majority of flooring made of laminate at the time were simply referred to as Pergo like in the past the majority of vacuums used were Hoovers. In the latter part of the 90s, glue-free interlocking technology was invented to facilitate installation. The benefits of having floors that look like stone or wood however, it costs only a fraction of the price are obvious best steam mop for laminate floors.

Laminate requires care to keep looking the best it can. Some claim that the best method to clean it is the use of a microfiber or mop made of terry cloth, dipped into hot water. Some people even make use of ammonia or vinegar. Both can be harsh , and due to its scent, encourage pets to forget they’re house-trained. Many people opt to spray Windex and soap solutions, and then scrubbing difficult areas. Others use spray-on polish to give them a shine. All of these options raise the question: is this the most effective method to clean these kinds of flooring?

Laminate floors are basically composed of compressed layers of substances like resin and fiberboard photographic material, as well as a protective layer that is then laminated. There’s a reason why laminate is often referred to as floating wooden tile. You’re better off not placing your entire floor at risk by pouring water on it. It’s unavoidable when you think about the mop bucket and mop solution. Even if water doesn’t penetrate the top layer, it could be able to seep through tiles or planks, and cause the laminate to expand and then warp. Be aware that if you’ve got an interlocking system installed on your flooring, the loss of one tile could mean replacing the entire flooring.

A few people prefer to be safe and believe that the best method to clean floors is to use dry mops like the Swiffer or employing a vacuum equipped with an attachment for soft bristles. This is a possibility, provided you put long bristle mats near each entryway and enforce them by requiring everyone to clean their shoes well or impose an all-soes-in-one policy in your home. It’s not the most practical approach and definitely not the most efficient method to keep your floors clean.

If you look online, you’ll find a myriad of contradictory recommendations and any variety of complex methods that you’ll hear are the most effective way to maintain laminate floors, from contact with the manufacturer to making mixtures that are one-third this and two pieces that.

The most effective method to clean laminate floors is by using steam mop. One of the frequent complaints of those who try using a hand mop or other tools in order to wash their floors, is the streaking and staining that occurs. Steam mops are the best method to clean engineered wood flooring since it cleans twice as fast than conventional cleaners, and your floors will sparkle as new. You won’t be left with any water all over your flooring or streaks or spots only the shine you noticed at the time you purchased it.

I hope that this has summated all the best ways to clean safely and effectively your laminate flooring without damaging the laminate flooring.