Five Benefits of Buying an LCD Computer Monitor
Five Benefits of Buying an LCD Computer Monitor

Five Benefits of Buying an LCD Computer Monitor

When purchasing a monitor for your computer you’ll always stumble confronted with the question of which kind of display to buy. There are two options available that include liquid crystal display (LCD) and the cathode ray tube (CRT).

LCDs are the newest form of computer monitors. Based on appearance alone, LCDs appear sleeker and lighter, making them more appealing to the eye than CRTs, which are typically on the large heavier side. Here are a few benefits that you can get from an LCD monitor for your portable computer monitor.

* Sleek Design

LCDs look more elegant than CRTs. They’re thin and sleek. They are streamlined and thin. LCD is extremely thin, and the only measurements that really measure its size are its width and length. CRTs are, however are extremely heavy and heavy, especially with their bulging backs. The width, length and height of the computer monitor are in large dimensions. With an LCD monitor, you’ll be able to clear plenty of desk space.

* Light Weight

Because they’re thinner, LCD monitors are smaller than CRT monitors of similar size. This makes them simple to move from one table the next one and to transport to the retailer when you are having issues. When you have a CRT, it is likely that it is likely that you require a technician from your computer come to your home if you have issues. A CRT that is heavy can be an uncomfortably piece of equipment in the event that you don’t have the strength to lift it , and you’re arranging your space or moving into a new location.

Flat Screen

All LCDs come with flat screens that help to reduce image distortions. Although there are a few CRTs with flat screens they are generally equipped with round screens.

* HD Screen Resolution

LCDs display larger native screen resolutions than CRTs. They can therefore display more precise images and capture more detail. An LCD of 19 inches is natively resolution at 1440×900. The resolution of LCDs increases as it grows in size. Today, many users of computers have an LCD with 19-inches and some even have LCDs with a size of 23 inches.

* There are no screen Flickers

Another benefit LCDs enjoy over CRTs is that they are free screens flickering. Modern advances on CRT tech have reduced screen flickers, however they’re still there. These harmful radiations can cause strain to your eyes, causing eye strain. With an LCD You can put less strain on your eyes and keep working for longer time.

With all the benefits provided by LCD monitors for computers make sure you do yourself a favor and purchase one now. You’ll be impressed by an LCD’s sleek interface and compact design. Furthermore, it can keep your eyes safe from flickering screen