Choosing The Perfect Dog Bed Sheets
Choosing The Perfect Dog Bed Sheets

Choosing The Perfect Dog Bed Sheets

Bed sheets obviously are coverings which are placed on beds. They originally were made of fairly rough material sometimes hand woven from the fibers on hand.


A bed sheet wasn’t necessarily the thing of beauty quilted coverlet it has become today with the wonderful variety of fabrics, colors and designs to choose from. A bed sheet might be a simple square of flannel in a plain color, and rather than being washable, it might simply be aired out or hung on the clothesline periodically. The more wealthy people tended to choose bed sheets of more closely woven fabrics, and Egyptian cotton bed sheets were chosen as well as the more exotic bed sheets of silk or satin. Among the more wealthy people, washing the bed sheets became more common, so durability was important. Egyptian cotton bed sheets were more able to stand up to laundering and became the bed covering of choice.

As technology advanced and more manmade fabrics became available, brighter colors and more variety in the composition of the sheets became common. Matching sets of comforters bed sheets and pillow coverings were novelty items at first, then almost must-haves. Sofa bed sheets and comforters bed sheets became commonplace Christmas and wedding gifts. The bed coverings could be matched to the room décor and the colors of the carpet to create a unified look.

Hospital bed sheet

Because of the awareness of germs and need for reducing or preferably eliminating infectious diseases in the hospital setting, a hospital bed sheet has a need for great durability. They are laundered after each usage, and so must stand up to strong detergents and bleaches to protect against further disease. They are a size which fits most hospital beds and are almost always white in color. They tend to be a heavier weave than wholesale bed sheets which have a lower thread per inch count. Some businesses which have need of many sets of bed sheets, such as hotels, motels and dormitories will choose wholesale bed sheets just as an economization factor. Although the initial price is lower, discount bed sheets may not hold up as well, so there may not be a true cost savings.

Sofa Bed sheet

Now you can invite overnight guests even when you don’t have a spare bedroom. You simply pull out the sofa bed and make it up with a beautiful sofa bed sheet set and your guest will feel comfortable and at home as well. A sofa bed sheet set can be attractive and functional, yet still be available at a discount bed sheets marketplace. Sofa bed sheets are available in standard sizes, and they can be just as attractive as those you place on your regular beds.