A personalized birthday book for children

A personalized birthday card book is the ideal gift for any child who wants a unique, fun gift. Personalized books have the added benefit of making your child the protagonist of the story. These books are great heirlooms, as they are durable and can withstand frequent use by children. A dedication page can be added with the child’s name. The book presenter can leave a personalized message to the child and include information such as the origin of the book, the date and the year.

These books will be a great choice for pre-schoolers and elementary students. These 9×6″ books contain 24 pages that are fully colored. On one side is print and on the opposite side is brightly colored personalized birthday book.

“Birthday Circus Star”, is one personalized birthday book. This book will feature your child as the main character. You can also tell the world their age and what state or city they live in. Along with your child, up to four other friends, family members, and pets may join the adventure.

The story opens with your child visiting the circus. As they enter, your child notices that their ticket has a special number. This ticket allows them to be in the first row. They enjoy the circus and all the acts. Then, suddenly, an act with chimpanzees appears in the ring. The birthday child observes that one baby Chimp on a Bike rides out into the parking lots. He jumps up, and races after him, rescuing him before it crashes. The ringer announces the birthday child and informs them that it’s their big day. Clowns pass out large cakes to wish the birthday child happy birthday. The circus continues with other exciting acts. At circus’s end, the ringmaster requests that the birthday boy or girl join the circus so they can travel together. The friends are chosen to stay, and they lead the grand procession.

Personalized children’s literature makes wonderful gifts. Reading the story makes children smile and they develop an addiction to reading. These books often become heirlooms which family members can feel proud to buy for their child to continue the love of reading. Books are a great gift for every occasion. A gift that entertains the child and gives them literacy is a great gift for any family member.