4 Reasons to Try Hand-Rolled Cigars Over Machine-Made
4 Reasons to Try Hand-Rolled Cigars Over Machine-Made

4 Reasons to Try Hand-Rolled Cigars Over Machine-Made

No matter who you are, there is just something about smoking a cigar that can be really attractive and addictive for a lot of people. It’s much different than cigarettes. Many cigar smokers don’t even smoke any cigarettes. 

Whether you are thinking about taking up cigars as a hobby or you are looking to become a regular, there is a lot to know about cigars. They are much more sophisticated than your average cigarettes. One of the things you may have heard of is hand-rolled and machine-made cigars. If you are not sure which on you should pick, here are some reasons why you should go towards hand-rolled over machine-made cigarettes. 

1. Superior Quality

If you haven’t had a cigar before in your life, then smoking a hand-rolled cigar can give you a smooth an enjoyable smoke. 

Hand-rolled cigars are often seen as the epitome of quality in the cigar world. That is because skilled artisans make each cigar with care and attention to detail. While machine-made cigars can have some inconsistencies, hand-rolled gives you a much better quality to give you the best smoking experience.

When you purchase a hand rolled cigar collection box, you are choosing a product that has been meticulously crafted from premium tobacco leaves that have been carefully selected and aged to perfection. 

2. Richer Flavor

One of the best things about smoking a cigar is the flavor. Unlike cigarettes, you can actually enjoy the complex and rich flavors of cigars. But, you will find that hand-rolled cigars offer you a much better flavor. 

The tobacco mostly used in hand-rolled cigars is aged for longer periods. This allows the flavors to fully develop. Not to mention, when someone is rolling the cigars themselves, they can pack it in a way that promotes even burning and better airflow to enhance the flavor. 

Machine-made cigars, on the other hand, often use lower-quality tobacco because they are made in bulk quantities. This type of tobacco can contain additives that affect the taste. 

3. Artisanal Craftsmanship

Cigars have made their place in people’s hearts for being something to love, adore, and enjoy. You don’t simply smoke a cigar, you appreciate it as well.

Hand-rolled cigars are a product of a long tradition and expert craftsmanship. Each cigar is rolled by hand by experienced artisans who have honed their skills over years, sometimes even decades. Often, these skills are passed down from the generations. 

The rollers pay close attention to the feel and look of the tobacco leaves, which simply cannot be replicated by machines. This dedication to the craft results in a cigar that not only looks beautiful but also delivers an exceptional smoking experience.

4. Better Construction

Cigars are a whole different level than cigarettes. The way they are constructed matters greatly because it will impact how it smokes. 

A well-constructed cigar will burn evenly, producing a consistent draw and smoke. That is why cigar smokers prefer hand-rolled cigars. They are known for their superior construction because they are made by skilled hands. 

On the other hand, machine-made cigars can suffer from poor construction. Since a machine can’t replicate the techniques used by human hands, you might have issues like uneven burning, hard draws, and loose ash.