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INDEPENDENT CERTIFICATION for Supplement Professionals

Certification elevates your position and demonstrates competency.

Why is Certification Important?

It’s Good for the Industry

One of the primary reasons certification is supported by so many professional groups is that it can enhance the reputation and positive public image of a profession while seeking to protect the public from incompetent practitioners.

It’s Good for the Public

The intent of certification is to inform the public that individuals who have achieved certification have demonstrated a particular degree of knowledge and skill, thus offering some degree of public protection.

It’s Good for the Profession

Typically, a professional is required to be judged competent by their peers, by a predetermined criterion and method, before they can practice a profession. This is most often accomplished by a means of a professional certification exam.

It’s Good for You

Professional certification provides the ability to distinguish between those who have demonstrated competency or knowledge in a field, and those who have not. The confirmation of your mastery of nutritional supplement principles and practices should produce numerous market advantages.

Welcome to the IDSA!

The International Dietary Supplement Association (IDSA) is an independent, non-sponsored association that advances knowledge and professionalism in the marketing and sales of dietary supplements. The IDSA is also the first supplement organization that provides Board Certification for dietary supplement professionals.

  • Supplements may have an impact on the prevention of disease and maintenance of health.
  • The majority of Americans are using some form of supplementation today.
  • The public is looking for answers and advice from professionals in the field.
  • Those in the dietary supplement field can demonstrate a professional level of knowledge and competency by becoming certified.

IDSA Certifies Dietary Supplement Professionals

IDSA Certified Dietary Nutritionists —

  • have a broad understanding of dietary supplementation
  • have knowledge of the benefits dietary supplements play in maintaining health and preventing disease

If You Sell or Recommend Dietary Supplements, Here’s Why and How to Get Certified

Who Should be Certified?

With well over 3 million people in the U.S. marketing, advising, and recommending nutritional supplements, consumers should have peace of mind and assurance that those doing so know what they’re talking about.
Distributors Wholesalers
Healthcare Professionals
Fitness / Sports Trainers
Dietitians Nutritionists