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Ref Status Escalation Title Assigned To Time Open
A014101 Assigned Level 1
Modem keeps resetting itself
Justin Thorp 7 Days
A014102 Closed Level 2
Images won't upload
Brian Keller Closed
714-544-7477 Open Level 1
ContosoAds is the worst EVER!!!
Justin Thorp 6 Days
A014104 Assigned Level 1
changing channel by it self
Justin Thorp 7 Days
A014105 Assigned Level 2
Viewing Recorded Programs
Brian Keller 7 Days
A014106 Assigned Level 1
Issues with service
Jonathan Carter 6 Days
linguatuline Assigned Level 1
Poor Picture Quality
Jonathan Carter 7 Days
A014108 Assigned Level 2
Channels gone!
Brian Keller 7 Days
8453501957 Assigned Level 1
Not getting all my channels
Brian Keller 6 Days