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Workplace Safety Makes More Than Sense

It makes you money. Safety and success are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, a safe workplace helps to ensure success.

For nearly 25 years, the Denning Health Group has provided workplace safety solutions to over 600 corporate clients. Working to reduce the cost of workplace injuries while increasing efficiency and profitability, we have been instrumental in developing and implementing successful workplace safety policies across Canada.

Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs

Denning Health Group is based in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Established in 1989, we have provided our expertise to over 600 corporate clients of varying size. Our portfolio includes those working in the transportation, forestry, aviation, resource extraction, and telecommunications industries.

Workplace safety is about more than wearing a hard hat. Your employees depend on you to provide and maintain a workplace where their physical and mental safety is secure, and their everyday experience is free of any type of harassment. We work with our clients to help you achieve a quality work environment using a multi-dimensional workplace safety model. This is more than just drug and alcohol testing. We help you to adopt sound, effective, legally defensible policies for your business, remove risk factors, and train your supervisors and managers to implement program management.

The result of our work is a dramatic reduction in workplace injuries, increased efficiency, a safer environment, and clear policy. Anything that endangers one of your employees puts your business at risk. Period. We’re here to help make sure that never happens.


The Denning Health Group offers secure, on and off-site drug and alcohol testing services as well as ongoing program management. Carried out by trained professionals, our services are designed to suit a variety of needs including: pre-employment tests, monitoring and intervention programs, turnkey programs, and court-ordered tests.



As founder and CEO of Denning Health Group, Mr. Tom Yearwood LLB has been instrumental in developing successful drug and alcohol policies for nearly 25 years. Acting as chief consultant for DHG, clients benefit from Mr. Yearwood’s substantial expertise by learning to manage company interests with compliant safety procedures. Many of BC’s largest employers have selected Denning Health to provide turnkey D & A testing programs, including policy development training specifically designed to meet your needs as well as all legal requirements.


Policy Development

The Denning Health Group employs a collaborative approach to policy development. Working closely with each client, we search for your business’s vulnerabilities and then design a sound and legally defensible policy that you can rely on for maximum advantage.



Just as important as designing a sound workplace safety policy is ensuring that your supervisors have a firm and clear understanding of that policy. The Denning Health Group provides efficient supervisor training so that those in your employment gain sufficient on-site instruction that allows them to enforce your policy with confidence and carry out post-accident and reasonable cause investigations.


Medical Services

In addition to its medical practice management services, the Denning Health Group owns and operates 7 walk-in medical centres with locations in Surrey, Ladner and Abbotsford. Two of these centres offer full-service physiotherapy departments, while all provide family medicine and same day non-emergency medical care.


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Marijuana, Workplace Safety & Your Business

Given the impending legalization of marijuana, workplace safety and your business have a lot to talk about. The reality is that the legalization of marijuana will likely cause a lot of discussion and, potentially, create far-reaching implications for employers. While each and every employer has a duty to ensure a



It is not always as easy as you would think to spot impairment in the workplace. Many employers simply don’t have (or haven’t been given) adequate tools for dealing with suspected cases of on-the-job impairment. Or, in the worst-case scenario, employers simply ignore it altogether; turning a blind


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